Nx Go redefines urban and transportation management by transforming video, lidar and sensory infrastructure into a powerful data source.

Building on the rich heritage of Network Optix's EVOS platform, Nx Go steps beyond traditional video management systems. Our focus? Structuring unstructured video into meaningful, real-time data.

Unlike systems centered on security and video storage, Nx Go excels in extracting valuable insights from vast camera and sensor networks. It's more than just video—it's a gateway to enhanced operational intelligence, feeding into digital twins, cloud-based systems, and specialized transportation software.

Designed for hardware and software companies, consultants building solutions, and city planners, Nx Go offers an intuitive, map-centric interface, making complex data easily accessible and actionable. It's not just about viewing cameras; it's about leveraging them as intelligent sensors to create a cohesive and responsive urban fabric.

Network Optix is a US company, SOC2 compliant and one of the few companies to make the Ink5000’s fastest growing companies in the world eight years in a row.



Highways and intersections

Network Optix has been utilized in traffic management and state DOT TMCs for many years. Nx Go levels up that experience by enabling not just tens of thousands of camera and lidar integrations but pivots the focus to data from vast networks of existing cameras and sensors in a single map view. 


Operations and security

Airport operations are not just about getting your customers to their flights on time, but about increased revenue and an excellent experience in a facility the density and complexity of a small city.  With its focus on data, Nx Go enables connectivity from camera and lidar infrastructure to the systems that drive airport operations.


Ports and containers

Read containers with OCR, determine optimal flow of maritime and terrestrial transport all from camera as a sensor technology at a scale that keeps up with hundreds or thousands of video endpoints from a single pane of operational efficiency.  It's all about the data and Nx Go for shipping works from the harbor all the way to the warehouse.


Train depots and mass transit

Safety and security are of utmost importance while considering mass transit. Share mobile video feeds with the PD while measuring and maintaining the flow on platforms using new or existing, mobile or stationary camera and sensor technology.

Video Capabilities

Advanced Video Capabilities

Nx Go is not just about capturing video; it's about turning video feeds into a rich source of operational data. With compatibility across a diverse range of over 45k cameras and advanced network traversal, Nx Go ensures high performance while maintaining security and scalability.

Seamless System Integration

Our platform is designed to work harmoniously with a variety of systems. This cross-system discovery and compatibility empower you to maximize the utility of each component in your network, creating a more efficient and integrated operational environment.

Mapping and Calibration

Nx Go brings to life advanced mapping capabilities, from basic overviews to intricate camera calibration. This enables a real-time unified data bus and a map-based view of urban infrastructure, providing an unparalleled tool for city and transportation planning and management.

SaaS Flexibility with Nx Connect

As a SaaS solution, Nx Go delivers exceptional scalability and adaptability. Rapid deployment and easy integration with existing infrastructure are hallmarks of this approach, reducing upfront investment and accelerating technology adoption. The platform's flexibility is further enhanced by “Nx Connect”, an open-source, CRM/ERP integrated, SaaS product accounting and billing platform. This enables solution architects to synergize Nx with third-party partners, crafting seamless, integrated solutions.

Case Studies

Explore the Real-World Impact of Nx Go: Discover firsthand examples and practical insights on how Nx Go can revolutionize your business’s operational system.

Big Shoes to Fill

Streamlining Factory Security Operations with Nx Witness VMS and Vaxtor Video Analytics

Automating Cambodia’s Largest Seaport

Automating Seaport Operations with Nx Witness VMS and Vaxtor Video Analytics.

Art of Logic / Bayside Council

Regulating Traffic Safety in Botany Bay, Australia with Nx Witness and Art of Logic Video Analytics.

Tailored Solutions for Urban and Transportation Stakeholders

Unlocking Specialized Benefits for Key Customer Groups with Nx Go.

OEMs, Developers and  AI Companies

Nx Go provides a robust and adaptable platform that can be seamlessly integrated into existing product lines. It enhances the value of OEM offerings by adding advanced video data capabilities, enabling them to deliver more comprehensive solutions to their clients.

Consultants / Integrators / Distributors

Consultants and integrators find Nx Go an invaluable tool for developing tailored solutions for city and transportation management. Its compatibility with a wide range of systems and its advanced mapping and calibration features allow for flexible and innovative solution design.

Transportation/Government Entities

Government entities responsible for transportation and urban planning benefit from Nx Go's ability to unify and analyze vast amounts of video data. This leads to more informed decision-making, improved city operations, and enhanced public safety and efficiency.

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The future of transportation is here. Nx Go by Network Optix is not just a product; it's a vision for smarter, efficient, and integrated urban mobility. Join us in this journey as we redefine transportation for the modern world.

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